MOMMYMAKER fertility tracking software




How many days of data do I need to enter before I can get an analysis and a calendar I can use?
You need 20 days of data before any statistical analysis can be performed on your data to determine your fertility. But the level of accuracy goes up the more data points you have on file. To run an analysis on less than 20 data points would give an unacceptably low level of accuracy.

What if I miss a day or a few days of data?
No problem, Mommymaker will automatically fill in the blanks with numbers determined to be statistically most likely. The level of accuracy does however decrease the more days you leave out.

The temperatures plotted by the fertility software are not the exact temperatures I entered, why?
Your body temperature varies depending on the time you wake up, the system automatically normalizes all temperatures to the same time. It's the relative differences in temperature that matter, not the absolute numbers.

Can I use this fertility software in reverse as birthcontrol?
Yes, just change the objective in the upper right corner of the screen to avoid pregnancy and the fertility system's calendar will tell you what days it is safe to have unprotected intercourse. However, this is generally not considered to be a very safe method of birth control. 

Can I buy Mommymaker fertility tracking in stores?
No, our fertility system is only available online for now. 

How can I transfer my data to another computer?
Your data is in the following file on your hard drive:
            c:\Program Files\mommymaker\ovudata.seq
Copy that file from your old computer to the same directory on your new computer after you've installed mommymaker fertility tracking on your new computer.

I just registered my copy of MommyMaker, when do I get my user ID and password?
We will send you your user ID and password as soon as we process your order, usually within an hour but no more than 24 hours. You can already enter data into the software before you enter your user ID and password though, but you won't be able to generate an analysis of the data until you enter your user info.



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