MOMMYMAKER fertility tracking software                        



You take an oral temperature reading every morning first thing you do when you wake up, you enter your temperature into the fertility software, click yes or no for menstruation, and the rest is all automatic, the Mommymaker fertility software does all the hard work.
Statistically our fertility software is more accurate than your doctor at predicting the exact date of ovulation.
MommyMaker fertility software does not consider factors such as mucus discharge, physical tenderness etc.. since these factors are deeply influenced by non-related factors and would give a less accurate interpretation rather than a better one.

Your data is analyzed by the fertility software, and a calendar is generated that you can use to plan your near future in order to achieve your goal of becoming pregnant.

Our fertility software performs a better statistical analysis of your data than any other fertility software in existence, this is thanks to our highly skilled software development team with backgrounds in medical data interpretation software and industrial statistics analysis.


Below is the MommyMaker fertility software calendar screen. It helps you plan your activities around your fertility so you can increase your chances of getting pregnant.

Below is the MommyMaker fertility software analysis screen. It shows you how your fertility has been for the last few months. The ovulations are determined by a set of complex mathematical algorithms that have been proven to supercede the accuracy of human data interpreters, in other words, this fertility software is better than your doctor in determining your next ovulation date.


Mommymaker got me pregnant three months after I got it, now I have a beautiful baby. My cycle is so irregular that my doctor wasn't able to make sense of my temperature data. How come doctors don't use mommymaker?


My wife and I had been trying to get pregnant for a year when we started using mommymaker. 6 weeks later we were pregnant, absolutely incredible. The software told us that the best time for conception would be on the 4th of the month, our doctor had told us the 8th. Our test kit confirmed that it was indeed the 4th and not the 8th. This software is better than our doctor, and he's pretty good. It's a bit pricey but way less than we'd been spending on fertility doctors before we got pregnant. My wife's period is extrememly irregular, the software picked the exact date, the doctor was far enough off for us to have missed the opprtunity. I recommend this software to anyone, it's worth every penny.


I really like MommyMaker because of the ease of use and the price. I have tried other fertility systems and your's is by far the easiest to use. I like the fact that I can enter all my data from past charts right along with the present chart data and then save it when I'm done. I don't have to enter one day at a time and save every single entry. I also like the fact that your system is inexpensive. All the other systems that I have tried cost me an arm and a leg just to use. There is even one where you have to pay month after month for it. I thank you for having the software available because it is a big help in determining when I'm fertile to conceive a child.



I think this program is perfect for women who are trying to conceive a child, it helps to predict future fertility dates, it is helpful for those women who are not as young as they used to be and need a little help or for anyone wishing to take the anxiety out of trying to conceive a baby.
It is good to be able to track your cycle and have information for your doctor.



I find mommymaker very useful and user-friendly. I find that the support given is great;) thankyou very much for being so helpful !!



I feel that this product is a great way for people who are trying to have a baby to be able to track it and have the knowledge of when they are ovulating as well as when they could find out if they are having a baby.



It works well!



I think it is great, it helps people to be aware of their fertility. You learn when you're at your most fertile by recognizing your fertility signs, it's quite amazing really, it's there under your nose all the time.



I have been using ovusoft but have found that it is not any better then the software that you have, after taking look at the software i must say that i am impressed, i want to know what is going on with my body but in a natural way as I have no idea what is going on with me from one month to the next. Well done for making something that is hard to do on paper so easy to do on the computer and with only a couple of mins a day



I think the Mommymaker fertility software is easy to use and very convenient. It helped me pinpoint the days of ovulation, and my high fertile days. It also saved me trips to my obstetrician to see if I were fertile enough to conceive. The calender is easy to mark my days on and even easier to read.



I think its terrific ! The best part is that it shows us the days we ovulate so that we can plan for the next month and if we should still continue having problems we can print the pages and show our physicians who can further interpret the signs we have listed.



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