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Fried Chicken with Slat (Thai Style)

By Naruemon
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What we will need:

15- 20 pieces of chicken wings
tsp black pepper
tbsp Thai red curry paste
1 tsp salt
cup cold water
1 tbsp corn starch
Vegetable oil to deep fry


1. Clean the chicken pieces and pat dry.
2. Marinate the meat with the black pepper, Thai red curry paste, and salt. Let it marinate in the mixing bowl for about 15 minutes.
3. In another small bowl mix the corn starch with cold water and stir well. Pour the mixture onto the marinated chicken. And mix well.
4. Heat some oil in the frying pan. When it is very hot, gradually put chicken pieces into the pan.
5. Once the chicken pieces appear golden brown, remove them to a cooling rack.

    - Recipe submitted by Naruemon


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